This photo was part of a larger shoot for a resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior. This angle was a really important shot to capture because it shows the main room of the townhome including the fireplace, gathering area, and the view.

A big challenge when shooting townhomes and condos is that many times the natural light only comes from one direction because there are only windows on one side. This is where using artificial lighting is really crucial. To capture this room, I had to dial down my exposure to ensure the view out the window was clear. From there, I lit the rest of the room with remote lighting and then composited it all together in Photoshop.

Since it was such a bright day when I was there, the fire really didn’t show up the final image, so I used a frame with no fire and added a similar flame from my library of fireplace flames.

Be sure to swipe to see the before and after!

Before and After